The Gen-Y syndrome.

Pardon the post since everyone probably has dissected and reanalysed this issue over a zillion times. I finally just got hit real hard by this so just want to pen down my two cents worth.


1. They are restless.

I wake up almost every morning feeling restless realising how boring and mundane life is. Work has turned the highly creative ‘us’ into mechanical robots. Robots that work towards fulfilling another’s dreams. Unless of course, you are one of those lucky ones, working towards your own dream.

2. They hate micro-management.

They challenge the older generations (narrow) mindset of how spending longer hours cooped up behind your office desk does not necessarily equate to greater productivity. They do not like to be picked on over nitty gritty matters. They like to earn well deserved breaks on their own accord. So, please don’t bother telling them to take a break when they are in the middle of finishing an uphill task.

3. They cannot live aimlessly.

They need to have a sense of purpose to feel at peace with themselves, and life at large. They are high-spirited individuals who want to be able to contribute to a greater cause and not just get by the day merely..existing.

I am definitely one of those suffering from this syndrome. Hence, the post at 2359 hours on a weekday night. What’s the way out? I don’t quite know yet. But, what I do know is that our voice is getting louder. So, be patient, changes are in progress. I’m quite sure.


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