What are we really rushing for?

This is a late post of my thoughts on Monday as I unwillingly dragged my body for a late afternoon meeting despite being deemed medically unfit for duty i.e. on MC. 


I had just gotten back from my recent (first real) trip of the year on Sunday evening. I tried to talk myself into being all excited and hyped up for the final lap/month at work. But I guess, the thought alone caused my body to give way. No prizes for guessing there.

It was a different experience getting to work at that hour versus the usual morning peak hour squeeze – the silent, expressionless faces either still in zombie mode or.. in zombie mode. But then I realised, even at 3pm people were still rushing. Everyone seemed to have an agenda at hand. Be it a coffee run fixed or a shopping appointment, everyone just wanted to seem to be in a rush. Have we begun to think we only end up successful when we are/appear busy that sub-consciously we end up rushing everywhere?

It’s like as if we are running towards a final destination. Do we know what we are running towards? Others seem to know what they want but, do they really do? Then I began to wonder is it just me, misreading all these people? Or, is it just a Singaporean way of life? Or, is it an Asian culture?

Vietnam was crowded. But it didn’t feel claustrophobic. It suddenly feels suffocating to be back into this rat race.

I think I will just plan my next travel and do up some posts on my previous one to feel better. Bleah.


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