Travel to write or write to travel?

This post is a musing onboard my flight back home from Hanoi.

photo (1)

Travel inspires writing she thought as she gazed out of the tiny window by her side. She was all buckled up ready for take off. Travel was her escapism. Her breath of fresh air. She preferred to live between dingy hostels and count her dollars to buy meals to stretch her pocket further than live within the comfort of home. And then, she met the gaze of another traveller. A traveller like herself, whose idea of home varies every week. She wondered if she could keep up this lifestyle. Travelers from all over the globe say traveling doesn’t fix this insatiable desire to jump into a plane every chance you get. Instead, traveling further propels this adventurous spirit. She was excited. She broke off her relationship for this. For this nomadic lifestyle instead of settling for the usual. She was glad to have stepped out of her boundary and finally, be free. Would be worth it? She wasn’t sure. But after all, how do you compare skydiving with a cruise along halong bay?

Indeed, travelling does inspire writing. And writing inspires travelling as well, doesn’t it?


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