Forty hands.

Forty hands is one of those cafes tucked away in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, so best option would be catch a taxi so that you don’t end up walking in circles. This cafe opens early at 8am so it’s perfect for those looking for a early start and avoid the “brunch crowd”, especially on weekends. But, for those who want to sleep in longer, fret not, it’s all day brekkie on weekends.

Iced Mocha (SGD 8)

You have to make do with a narrow walkaway when you want to order at their counter. But, I assure you their coffee makes up for it. I definitely enjoyed my Mocha, which explains why I ordered another glass after my meal.

The Ottoman (via)

Salmon Hash (SGD 16)

Salmon slices soaked in creamy potato sauce accompanied with crisp toast and fries, was definitely my selection, as I did not want to settle for my usual brunch staples (i.e. big breakfast or eggs benedict). Salmon hash was well worth it and addictive after a while.


No service charge and only GST at Forty Hands. Plus, decent food spread and good coffee. I will definitely be back despite the limited weekend brunch menu options and rather cramped environment (narrow walkways).

Forty hands is just opposite Books Actually, so after a good meal you can just wander in and browse around or explore the rest of this quaint neighbourhood.

Rating: 4/5


78 Yong Siak Street #01-12

Singapore 163078

Tel : +65 6225 8545

For more information:

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