Musings of a restless adventurer.

The postcard worthy Halong Bay. (February, 2014)

4 more days before her next adventure. Before her bag was packed and she could jump into a plane. She enjoyed travelling solo. Don’t get her wrong. She loves company. But, she enjoys the solitude and freedom going solo brings to her. She looks forward to planning the next 24 hours according to her own whims and fancies. She doesn’t have to bear with the early riser who draws the curtain open first thing in the morning and ruins her beauty sleep. She doesn’t have to put up with her lover that expects to be interlocked in an embrace with through the night. She could have a lazy day lounging in the jacuzzi or an adventurous one depending on the side of bed she got up in the morning from.

She was truly the master of her own destiny.


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