I remember.

I remember the drives we used to go on. The way we blasted the radio, sung choruses of songs we had never heard before in such perfect harmony, the way we threw one-liners at each other only to end up bursting in laughter almost always.

I remember the lazy weekend afternoons we used to spend sprawled over coffee and books. How tales we read ended up being long conversation topics that stretched beyond our bedtimes.

I remember the silences between our conversations that felt so comfortable and warm. The way our unspoken words spoke more than the words we exchanged. How you stole glances of the twinkle in my eyes in between the words and silences and reached out for my hand.

Today, I remember all the moments we shared and smile to myself.  They say people walk into your life and, even if they walk out, a part of you still remains changed forever. I’m glad you walked into it. You gave me wings when I couldn’t even stand on my own 2 feet. I’m a firm believer in silver linings. So, although my heart still remains mostly broken, there is a reason we met and parted. I’d like to believe so, to get by.


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