Our coloured lenses.

“Sometimes a shift in perspective just makes you see what you have lost.”

Often we get so drawn into seeing the world through our own coloured lens we tend to forget we have our glasses on. We are trained from young with a particular school of thought, beginning usually from morals taught within the 4 walls of home. We are taught in school of deviance and of how discipline is used to tackle those issues. Cultural practices and beliefs shape our thoughts and also, peer influence. So, the next time you say in a passing “that’s definitely the way to do it”, do think twice. Is that the only way to do things? How do people on the other side of the world do it? Is it norm to them or considered deviant behavior?  Give it some food for thought. You’ll be surprised.

Travelling makes me experience this almost all the time. I met a Scottish girl who says she can count the number of days in a year she has the Sun shining down on her. I met 2 French girls who said Australia weather was too humid for them and it made their skin flaky.  I shared 2 nights in a 4-bedder dorm with a Dutch guy who said he has grown sick of unpacking from a luggage bag and staying in 5-star suites for days. He rather have 3 tees stuffed in a backpack and sleep on an air mattress and have real conversations with people instead of bellboys. It’s funny how sometimes we get so caught up chasing dreams/things that once we end up there, we realize “hey, this is not what I signed up for.” So, spend time collecting experiences. That’s something no one can ever take from you. Fraser island tour costed me over AUD 700 for 3 days; but waking up at 5.30am to see sunrise with 4 other strangers was definitely well worth it.


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