Searching for breadcrumbs.

Glad I decided to spend the day, despite being sick, reading Marcella’s Purnama’s new e-book, Swimming with the Sharks.

I’m a sucker for honest writing. Fancy anecdotes that are written to glamourise are immediate turn off for me. So, Marcella’s writing really resonated with me especially since every word of hers was like reading my life-story.

It has been close to 3 years since I graduated from the most prestigious university in Singapore. And all the days I spend at work, in my previous and current job, has one thing in common. I am counting down to the moment, I can pack my bag and scoot off from my desk. The corporate world is so freaking overrated, I’m like “why didn’t anyone ever tell me?!” I envisioned life post-graduation not to be a bed of roses. But, also, not a prison cell. I thought days post graduation would spell freedom, happiness and importantly, choices. But, the harsh reality I’m being greeted with on a daily basis, is quite the opposite. I don’t have many choices. Definitely not more than what I had back in varsity days; go to lecture, or continue sleeping, pretty much summed my 4 years.

As for my passion, like most Gen Yers, I’m still figuring it out. Or rather, as Marcella says I’m hoping to rediscover it. I’m still in the midst of searching for those breadcrumbs while I lay out the past 26 years of my life before me. I’ll be glad if I find it in the next 4 years since my Director has told me by 30 I should have it all figured out. Not sure what he means by that. But, let me at least ‘try’ and work towards that.

Has anything changed since the day I attended my graduation? (Sorry, I didn’t actually attend my graduation but I’m sure you get my point.) Yes. I know I’m not corporate world material. I know given my 40 hour work-week, I probably only spend 10 or less hours, actually working. I know I would rather work as a travel blogger for free than get paid handsomely for a job I don’t enjoy. Yet, what I don’t know outweighs what I do know and it scares me beyond measure every waking minute of my life.

The road ahead is rather long and bleak. But, I’m just glad, I’m not alone.

Thank you, Purnama, for the reminder. Again.


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