Accommodations for the adventurous soul.

So my recent 10 day trip to Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, Australia saw me trying out different types of accommodation, from couchsurfing, to home stay and motels (both luxurious ones to 4 bedder ones). Planning accommodations while travelling is probably one of the most important on the list of things to do before jetting off. I mean, who doesn’t want a comfortable night of sleep after a long day of walking around and sightseeing!

1. Couchsurfing 

Couchsurfing wasn’t something I was planning to do when I was crafting out my itinerary. I was looking for a place to stay at Coolum for a night so that I could set off in the morning for my Mt Coolum climb. There weren’t many options for me on Agoda or Airbnb which resulted in couchsurfing crossed my mind. No regrets at all! My host was wonderful. I took her out for dinner and fell asleep watching re-runs of Miranda. We did the Mt Coolum climb together in the morning and had breakfast by the beach before I headed up North to Noosa.

2. Motel

Motels are probably the most common cheaper alternative to hotels that we are all quite familiar with. If you are looking to stay in Noosa, I highly recommend Noosa Sun Motel. Good location facing the river and walking distance from cafes/restaurants. Spacious rooms with living area and a nice veranda to enjoy morning coffee or read the papers. I booked my room for AUD 100/night. Motel run by a lovely couple who take care of all your needs. I left my baggage with them before I headed for my 3 day Fraser tour and had no hassle collecting them after.

3. Home stay

My personal favourite when travelling is to stay with a local family. Had the privilege of meeting Jo and her lovely husband, Chris while I was on a tour in Hoi An, Vietnam early this year. Who knew 3 months later she would be hosting me! Travelling by train/bus from Gold Coast all the way up to Sunshine Coast was so tortuous. (6-7 hour journey!) I’m glad Jo welcomed me to her home and cooked up a lovely meal for me. We then drove to Mooloolaba for a stroll before calling it a night.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb has been my favourite travel companion since 2012. Cat and Leon’s place in Aroona was just perfect for me to spend my last day in Sunshine Coast just chilling. If you are looking to meet locals, I highly recommend using Airbnb to book your accommodations. There is only so much travel guides can tell you. Live like a local with a local.

So, here’s some options for you to consider if you’re looking for the less travelled path when it comes to accommodation bookings. Hope this helped your travelling planning 🙂

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.



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