5 common travel misconceptions.

1. Travelling requires a hell lot of money.


This by far is the most common myth people have about travelling. Whenever, I spring my next travel plan to someone, I always get a response along the line of me being rich or having too much money to spend. Travelling with a shoestring budget is really an option. You don’t have to settle for luxurious, comfortable travelling all the time. Essentially, travelling is all about stepping out of your travel zone. So, one way to not burn a hole in your pocket while travelling is to set yourself a budget per day I stick by it. I’ve tried, it works! And, whatever are budget airlines for?!

2. You always need company when travelling.


I begun solo travelling proper last year and suffice to say, it’s addictive. You may think seeing the beauty of the world alone, without having company by your side might be meaningless. But, trust me, the feeling of travelling alone is exhilarating. At least for me. So, if you are one of those sitting on the fence type of people, deciding if solo travelling is your cup of tea, I suggest just pack and go. You have nothing to lose and just everything to gain. So why wait?

3. Packing is tiring. 


If packing for a trip is stressful because you are worrying you’ll miss out one or two things in your bag, then, yes, of course it’s gonna be tiring. Pack light, travel free. Something I always abide by. I have forgotten essentials like towel, body soap etc. when travelling. So, relax, it’s fine. People in other parts of the world use them too! So picking up toiletries at a convenience store near your accommodation is a (real) option.

4. You need to be able to speak the local language.


This might be a terrifying thing that paralyses you when planning travels. I’m sure no one wants to be caught in a foreign country without being able to be even understood. Being able to speaking the local language of course will be helpful. But, not all lost. Usually, sign language, facial expressions, hand gestures go a long way when trying to communicate with another person if language fails. Try to pick up basic words for ease of communication as your trip goes. It will be pretty helpful to you.

5. You’ll get cheated, robbed or all the above. 


Travelling to be honest is not as scary as you think it is. There are many ways you can be safe travellers and not put yourself at risk. So, don’t let travel stories deter you from fearing the unknown. Afterall, if it’s possible to be cheated or robbed in your own country, why is a scary thing if it’s in a foreign country?

Hope this post helps you debunk some of the more common travel myths. Safe travels people!

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.



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