The Fault in Our Stars.


TFiOS, the movie I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the year.

The love story of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace just makes you believe.. in life and love. It reminds you pain demands to be felt and that it’s okay to let the anguish hurt you. The scene of Hazel telling her mother “my greatest fear is that when I’m gone, you’re not going to have a life anymore” was just heart-wrenching. Shailene Woodley, plays the character of Hazel Grace so beautifully you’ll forget that she is actually a grenade. She tries pushing Augustus away for the very same reason only to end up falling deeper in love with him. Ansel Elgort fits the role of Augustus perfectly with his goofy personality and charming smile. And, oh, how could you forget his metaphors. Augustus holds a funeral for himself and Hazel reads her eulogy. She tells him some infinities are bigger than other infinities and that Augustus gave her a forever within a finite number of days.

This post about the movie is lovely. And yes, I cried. So will you. Go catch this please.

For a bit more of background on the movie and how John Green gets inspiration for the plot, read this.


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