Calling it quits.

“We hurt not because of love but because we forget what love is.”

Angry words. Silences. Revenge. More silences. Indifference.

We all go through that roller coaster of emotions time and again. We come to a point, more often than not, and are left questioning our self worth and pride. We try to rationalise with our heart and remind it of all the instances it was broken and trampled upon. We forget the moments of happiness and instead focus only on the momentary anguish.

How do we deal with this?

You need to give yourself time. Be patient with yourself and wait to ride this wave out. You will one day wake up with dried up tears and wonder why you fought to begin with. The reason hits you and your mind voice goes along the lines of “that’s so trivial, can we just move on.”

So, I’m done. Are you?


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