One year on.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”

Here we are standing hand in hand, recalling the whirlwind of days, this time last year. I often find my tracing back footsteps and wondering how different I could have handled things if I had known. Knowing that 2 days later, I will be bidding farewell to another, would I have done more?

My impulsive streak has always lead me to questioning my behaviour, reasoning out my emotions and piecing back the words I spill. Some days, going over everything just makes me spiral. And some days, not thinking makes me enjoy the fleeting moments of happiness that fill my day. I’ve begun to realise the only way to allow yourself to be happy again is to forgive yourself and accept things on its terms instead of ours.

The power of a moment is often not known till it becomes a memory. In a way, that unknown of what lies ahead makes this whole game of life interesting in the first place. We think we are the master of our own destiny that we often forget there is an upper hand above us all.

So, I suppose the only way out is to embrace the pain while you keep moving. After all, it’s almost impossible to witness death without your own life being changed. And, it’s juvenile to think otherwise.


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