Best of Bangkok!

Bangkok is one of those popular and very frequented destinations among travellers, that getting started with planning a trip there isn’t hard at all. Thanks to every other up and coming travel blogger of course! So, I thought I shall dedicate this post to doing the best of Bangkok to aid your planning further. After all, having too many choices can also become a problem.


Where to stay
Given Bangkok’s traffic situation, staying somewhere close to BTS/MRT station would definitely be convenient and helps you save time. I chose to stay in the vicinity of Sukhumvit due to the proximity of many (cheap) eateries and shops nearby. I stayed at On 8 Sukhumvit Nana Bangkok by Compass Hospitalitywhich was just next to Nana BTS. Pratunam was a mere 5 minute train ride away and Chatuchak market (Mo Chit BTS) was a 25 minute ride away. Being a mere 5m away from Nana BTS, was really convenient given the light showers that greeted us in the afternoons when I was there in early August.

More information on the train map and routes can be found here: Hope that helps you when selecting a hotel to stay in during your travel.

This can be tricky depending on the agenda of your travel. Some visit Bangkok just to eat, some just to shop till they drop (literally). And others, just to visit temples and marvel at architecture.

Let me try and provide some details on all 3 for you.

Where to eat
Just like every other part of Asia, street food is the best way to discover some of the most authentic and mouthwatering eats. Since I was there just for 2 days I didn’t manage to visit the popular eateries most bloggers mentioned about. However, I rediscovered a gem by chance and it didn’t disappoint me at all; just like my first experience back in 2012.

This small eatery, Pantaree Restaurant, is just next Times Square (Asok BTS) is highly recommended. My friend and I ate like kings for under 400 Bhat (SGD 15). Although, the image below may not be the most photogenic capture, trust me, you have to have a meal here. No regrets at all.

If you are looking for other local food to try in Bangkok, do check out this post:

Where to shop
So everyone who arrives in Bangkok, probably hears about Chatuchak weekend market if they haven’t already. But, apart from that, there are many markets in Bangkok worth visiting. Other popular markets are Khao San market, Pratunam market and Flower market.

Here are couple of links for other options of markets, apart from Chatuchak, to stop at 😉




These (very pretty) lights which were 100 – 150 Bhat were my favourite purchase from Chatuchak!

Where to go
Bangkok like most of Thailand is packed with temples. After a while, visiting temples become mundane and repetitive. So I definitely suggest going the more iconic ones. Combining all my temple visits from both my trips to Bangkok, my personal favourite would be Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn.

Next up, would be Grand Palace (Emerald Buddha Temple) just opposite Wat Pho. Wat Pho boasts a 46m long Buddha in a reclining position. Wat Traimit houses the world’s largest massive gold seated Buddha weighing at 5 and a half ton.

Beautiful architecture of Wat Arun

When to go
The best times to visit Bangkok are from December to February as subsequently the hot and rainy seasons kick in. If you’re looking for a getaway before the year ends, look no further, Bangkok is a great choice. Only if you can tolerate both the human and non-human traffic that is.

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


3 thoughts on “Best of Bangkok!

  1. Michelle says:

    Agree with you on the pretty lights at Chatuchak 🙂 I just brought some back to the US for my mother and she loved them. Weirdly, though, even though I’ve lived in Bangkok for 12 years I still don’t own any myself. Must buy some 🙂

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