Keep calm and keep breathing.

These days the passing of time serves as a constant reminder as to how bleak my future ahead looks. I keep telling myself it’s okay NOT to have a plan. Yes, there I said it. As scary as it sounds, it’s really okay. Life is too long a journey to be charted in one sitting over a couple of cups of coffee.

Things don’t always go according to plan. I’m sure we all know that by now. Yet, we beat ourselves up and sweat over the small stuff. We pressure ourselves to have a plan at every stage of life. Sometimes, I think it’s okay to just sit back and go where the wind blows. Give yourself a chance to fall in love with something you never even saw yourself doing in the first place. And, forgive yourself when you actually end up hating something you thought you had always wanted. So, take that giant leap of faith and just live.

Well, at least for me, I’m okay not to have a plan till 2015 comes knocking on my door. We’ll talk then, shall we?


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