You and I.

Hues of Melbourne’s morning sky

Taking leaps of faith are always the hardest. The uncertainty that grips from within before you embark cripple you. You constantly weigh the things that can go right with the things that may not and try to achieve a balanced scale, at the very least.

Speaking of balance, I remember a time during my teenage years, my brother and I were cycling back home. The daredevil in me then decided taking my hands off the handle bars while riding down the slope was probably a good idea. No prizes for guessing what happened after. Twisted ankle, bruised knees, spectacles flown, me in the open drain. I still laugh when I look down on my knee these days. So, what balance are we talking about here.

Anyways, here I am, 39 000 feet in the air and there’s only one thing running through my mind. I’m thankful for the youth in my soul, strength in my heart and dollars in my pocket. 


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