5 types of people that attend Melbourne Cup.

Disclaimer: This post has been written purely for entertainment. If you did attend the races or are planning to next year, do not take any offence. Any resemblance is purely coincidental, or maybe not.  

I was glad to be able to attend the 154th Emirates Melbourne Cup Day held at Flemington Race Courses yesterday. It has always been on my bucket list since its THE event of the year in Melbourne’s annual social calendar. And since I was going to be in town, the sister got us tickets a couple of weeks back.

Adult tickets are AUD 74 while students can enjoy a bit of savings and pay just AUD 60. I’d suggest getting student tickets if you can pass off as one, as in the crowd, chances of getting stopped for student ID are pretty slim.

Type #1: Reputable high society people 

The important people of the event who actually know what’s going on and follow the races. After all, their dollars are at stake.

Type #2: The other group of high society people

Don’t get me wrong, they are important people in the society too. But, they go merely for the sake of societal pressure. They have no knowledge and, probably, no interest at all to spend the day looking at horses gallop. They rather be home getting their nails done. They are the ones that are glad Cup Day is yearly affair. The whole affair to them is a plain chore.

Type #3: Fake high society people

The normal, ordinary people with everyday lives and everyday jobs. But, they make it a point to religiously go for every Melbourne cup just for the plain fun of it. Fancy dresses, overpriced fascinators, heels that kill the feet. The affair is totally worth it, they say!

Type #4: Social media junkies

They are the ones who attend just to check in, take selfies, spam your newsfeed and people watch. They dress up just to make their presence felt in the online world and rub it in. Well, hey, once a year event and THE event of the year in Melbourne, why pass up on the chance yea?

Type #5: Party crashers

They are the ones tagging along with a bunch of friends just to enjoy a couple of free beers and laugh hysterically.

Well, I am definitely a bit of type 3 and 4 (how embarrassing). But, hey, it was my first (and probably last) time at the races! Coupled with awesome company and perfect sunny weather it was a wonderful day, I must say. I am glad when I got to the TAB counters the race I was trying to bet on had ended. It was really saddening to hear Admire Rakti fighting on to stay alive minutes after racing. By the end of the day, Melbourne Cup 2014 saw 2 horses losing their lives. It would probably take a couple of decades before Melbourne Cup is no longer an annual talk of the town. But, the least, you and me can do is to stop betting on this poor horses, which race at the expense of their own lives, for our pure entertainment and fuel this cruel industry. I will also, not be attending future Cup Days so Melbourne Cup, done and dusted.

I’ll let the photos do all the talking. Feel free to categorize the people or just be jealous of how much fun I had. 😉








All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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