Geelong explored.

Geelong is a perfect sea side town for a day trip out from Melbourne’s CBD. Located just 75km away from the city, it wasn’t difficult at all to get there. Again, thanks to Couchsurfing, I met Wouter, who tagged along with me for this trip. We met at Southern Cross station just slightly after 9am to catch the V-Line train right down to Geelong station. The ride was about an hour and the fare with return costs about AUD 16.

Tip: Do check the timetable in advance for train departure timings, as we ended up waiting nearly 45 mins to catch the 10am train. But, we had enough time to squeeze breakfast in, so all’s good.

Another Couchsurfer, Kai, who lives in Geelong, managed to pick us up from the train station and we drove right down to waterfront area and spend her time till lunch with us. Highly recommend meeting up with her if you’re in Geelong.


Apart from The Carousel, the bollards are highly iconic of the waterfront stretch. Each bollard is actually a representation of the different occupations, people that lived in Geelong back in the days, held. So, for example, the bollards on the right in the above image, represent Geelong Baths Swimming Club.

These bollards represent Volunteer Rifle Band. The first band concert was performed in Geelong Botanic Gardens in 1861. Along the entire stretch of the Waterfront, there are 10 Bollards scattered from the Western Beach till the Eastern. Due to their size and sheer beauty, you definitely cannot miss them as you walk or cycle by.

We stopped for lunch after an hour or two of wandering around. What’s a visit to a sea side without some fish and chips to complete the whole experience with!

The weather didn’t look too good after lunch so we decided to head indoors. On a better day, I would have wanted to head further south down towards Queenscliff. There is a ferry service between Queenscliff and Sorrento. And it would have been quite an experience going across via ferry and coming back to Melbourne City via Mornington Peninsula. (refer to the Google Maps image below) But oh wells, another time.


Our next stop with one of main attractions in Geelong, National Wool Museum. One of the galleries was closed for maintenance/renovation works, hence we managed to get ourselves in with child tickets for just AUD 4.50.


Our walk around was a fascinating insight into the life and times of the shearers, wool classers and the folk who worked at the numerous woolen mills in Geelong.

After the museum, we wandered into a vintage market just across the road for a bit, before making our way to our highlight of the day, the Little Creatures Brewery. It was a bit of a challenge getting there from where we were, but with Google Maps and PTV, no place is ever too hard to get to right? Sitting just next to South Geelong Station, at the end of Swanston Street, this brewery is a must visit even if you are not huge on beers.

Our timing when we reached the brewery was good because we managed to have a pint before the start of a guided tour around the brewery. The guided tour run daily at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.

There was free beer sampling (1o different types) right after the 45 minute guided tour. Oh, did I mention the tour was totally free! How awesome! My favourite was the Little Creatures Pilsner.

This brewery was my first experience and Wouter’s nearly tenth, but safe to say, both of us enjoyed our visit and Little Creatures is easily one of the top few breweries for Wouter.

It was definitely a well spent the day exploring Geelong!

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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