Phillip Island’s penguin party!

Just to backtrack to my previous post on my day trip to Wilsons Promontory, while driving back to city, my friends and I decided to stop by Phillip Island to enjoy the famous Penguin Parade. You’ll be surprised to know, Phillip Island is visited by 3.5 million people annually!

For those of you not familiar, Penguin Parade is basically a chance for you to experience the beauty of little penguins coming ashore in groups and returning to their homes during sunset. Phillip Island is home to one of the largest penguin colonies in Australia.

It was really an interesting experience to see these cute little things cluster together and scurry into their homes. General viewing adult tickets costs AUD 23.80. There is a Penguin Parade mobile app that provides you with the daily arrival time of penguins. How awesome!


Apart from the Penguin Parade, The Nobbies (seal rocks) is something worth heading to Phillip Island for as I’ve heard. The Nobbies offers spectacular coastal viewing from the boardwalk and lookout points. Also, doing a few laps round the Grand Prix circuit or relaxing in coastal town of Cowes might be other reasons Phillip Island is worth heading to for. On the way towards Phillip Island, just before the bridge, you can get yourself good fish and chips in San Remo.

I didn’t have much time to explore Phillip Island beyond the Penguin Parade, but I must say it was definitely worth the travel. Given more time, I’ll definitely explore Phillip Island to a larger extent as I’m sure it has more to offer me apart from cute little penguins. 😉

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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