On returning home.


I just got back from a shoot with a local production team who wanted to feature me for their episode on couchsurfers and to gain insights on this alternative way of life/travel. We managed to touch on a couple of interesting topics and that set me thinking. Hence, this post.

People outside the travelling community think travellers have it easy in terms of relationships. We are expected to make friends and lose them within a blink of and eye and, and be okay with it. But, to be honest, it’s not. It’s not easy to return back home when you realise everything has probably changed. Your best friend got married, another gave birth, a relative passed on, acquaintances have ended up being best of friends while others have just drifted apart. So many things have changed, all at once.

That nostalgia of returning home, as sweet as it tastes, is also bitter. We leave the comfort of home with such confidence, to conquer the world and see everything around us in our coloured lens and form our take on life. Yet, when it’s time to return home, we curl up into a cocoon and feel anxious. We try to recall familiar sights, smells and sounds to feel at ease. But what if, the kitchen doesn’t smell of the usual spices that used to float all the way up to the rooms with? What if the view out of your window has changed? What if the rocking chair you sat on to read started squeaking just a bit louder and dad has decided to get rid of it.

It’s scary.

But, this transition will be okay. I keep telling myself that.


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