Melbourne’s Collingwood/Fitzroy explored.

Royal Exhibition Building

Having stayed in Collingwood/Fitzroy area in Melbourne for a month, it’s safe to say, I’ve done quite a bit of exploration of what this hipster town can offer! I definitely would recommend this area to stay at, for those of you looking to explore the heart of Melbourne during your stay. Less than 5 minutes away by tram from Parliament station, getting into CBD is pretty convenient. Apart from it’s close proximity to CBD, here’s a couple of reasons why you should consider Collingwood/Fitzroy area to stay at!

1. Heart of cafes and good food!

Apart from the hearty brunch places I shared in my previous post, there are so many good food places to check out in this area you will be spoilt for choices! Trippy Taco at Gertrude Street for possibly the best quesadillas in town! Along Smith Street, you have Huxtaburger for your burger fix, Pabu Grill & Sake for your Japanese cravings and Messina for undoubtedly the best gelato in town! The queue at Messina on Friday/Saturday nights can easily stretch way past the doors, so I think that speaks for itself how good the gelato is.

2. Brunswick Street!

This street deserves a special mention, not only for boasting Little Creatures Dining Hall, but also for being home to the many awesome eateries, coffee houses and quirky little shops to spend afternoons browsing in.

For those of you not familiar with Little Creatures, it is Australia’s homegrown craft beer. I got a chance to visit the brewery in Geelong, which is an hour away from CBD, so a dining hall right next to where I stay, is heaven on earth. If you’re interested in visiting Geelong for Little Creature’s brewery, please visit my previous post here.

There are coffee houses like Jasper Coffee and Atomica Caffe to get good coffee to kick start your day. Jasper Coffee also sells coffee beans if you are looking to brew coffee from the comfort of your home.


For chocolate lovers, San Churro will be your paradise! From churros to truffles to chocolate shakes, you name it, they have it!

3. Yoga & Healing!


Only when you are away from home do you begin to pay (some)attention to your soul and body. Well, at least for me, that remains quite true. I’m glad I stayed walking distance away from Yoga Studio & Healing Centre at Gertrude Street, so I couldn’t really come up with more excuses not to attend a class or two. I spent a Sunday morning winding down with a restorative workshop and it felt amazingly therapeutic. Restorative workshops run on a monthly basis for AUD 20.

For information on classes and schedules:

4. Adrenaline pumping pilates classes!


Situated perfectly amidst all the cafes and restaurants in Brunswick Street is KX Pilates! I found out about this place purely by chance while I was on the tram one afternoon. I googled them up and realised they had an introductory offer of 5 classes for AUD 50 (valid for 2 weeks). It was just a matter of time before I attended my first pilates class and got some muscles working! It’s definitely worth purchasing this offer if you are a newbie to pilates. I definitely would have continued on with regular classes if I was in Melbourne longer.

Also, there are many KX Pilates outlets all over Melbourne, so fret not, if you are not in/near Fitzroy.

For information on classes and schedules:

5. Festivals!



If you are as lucky as me, your neighbourhood can transform into a colourful street party! The Hispanic Latin American Street Festival/Johnston Street Festival happened over the weekend of 15th and 16th November 2014. This annual festival offers live entertainment with DJs spinning Latin rhythms, free dance classes of various dance styles and food, glorious food!

Have you been sold now, why Collingwood/Fitzroy area is perfect to stay and party at!

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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