OMG 2015!

Today’s the eve of NYE! I still have so many posts pending from my 5-week long travel in Australia and my 7-day Cambodian adventure. I thought the lack of a 9-5 job would translate to me having A LOT of free time. But, I cannot believe that December is almost drawing to a close. I reckon I’ve been busy getting adjusted with the rhythm of routine while spending time with familiar faces.

2014 has been the roughest in terms of friendships. But, having said that, I’m also glad most of them have weathered the tough times fairly well. I’m thankful also, for the courage I had to walk away from a job that was comfortable, but no longer helped me grow and made me happy. I bade my goodbyes, packed my bag and left to do some soul-searching about 4000 miles away from home. That has been by far the best decision I’ve made in a really long while! The highlight of the year was getting my first article published in Tripzilla Magazine!

From clockwise (starting from top left hand corner) – Halong Bay, Vietnam (Feb/Mar), Penang, Malaysia (Apr), Langkawi, Malaysia (Aug), Yangon, Myanmar (June), Great Ocean Road, VIC, Australia (Oct/Nov), Siem Reap, Cambodia (Dec), Adelaide, SA, Australia (Nov), Fraser Island, QLD, Australia (Apr/May), Nha Trang, Vietnam (Sep)

I have never been this excited before for a brand new year unfolding. I’m stoked to be spending the first half of 2015 in… NEW ZEALAND! I’ve got 4 more years to go before I hit 30, which means I’ll be too old for working holiday visa, so I’ve taken another leap of faith into darkness. I’ve got no concrete plans on what I’m going to do and how I’m gonna make decent dollars. All I have with me is a list (that keeps increasing as days pass) of all the places I’ve got to see in North and South Island. #travellerproblems I’m planning to arrive with my 20kg luggage and see where my restless feet take me.

All I wish for is that the year ahead helps me grow in ways I can possibly never imagine. Have a blessed year ahead readers! See you in 2015! Till then, travel safe and live free!

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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