Coromandel Peninsula adventures (Day 2)!


After a rather uncomfortable sleep in the backseat of Gregor’s car, we begun the day driving right from Thames, up North to Fletcher Bay, making a quick stop at Coromandel Town for some information from the visitor centre (i-site). Being a coastal drive, the views are pretty scenic and just past, Wilson Bay, the road turns inland and your view becomes that of sheeps and valleys.



Driving past North Coromandel (2 hours from Coromandel Town), Colville, is the last town that you be driving through before you begin driving on gravel road. Although the drive to Fletcher Bay is only 37km, allow 50 minutes (that’s how rough the road is). We had a nice picnic lunch at Fletcher Bay, dipped our feet in the waters and lounged on the grass. Perfect afternoon to rest my tired legs from the previous day’s hike.

For those looking to do some hiking, you could walk from Fletcher Bay to Stony Bay for some amazing coastal views. The hike is about 3.5 hours (1-way). If you are looking for a spot just before Fletcher Bay, Port Jackson would be a recommended camping spot! It’s definitely busier, but the stretch of white sand would make it feel like paradise nonetheless.


I loved my stay at Lion’s Den Hostel at Coromandel Town for the night. It was a cozy environment, with ample garden and kitchen space. Friendly people managing the hostel to help you settle in. Dorm bed was NZD 27/night with additional $5 for 24 hours of wifi usage.

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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