Packing essentials for long-term travel.

Disclaimer: I am not a packing guru for long-term travel (just yet). But, here’s my 2-cents having attempted to pack fairly well and wisely for my 6-month NZ adventure!

1. Backpack

For any kind of travel, 7 weeks or 7 months, a good backpack is your key. I am not huge AT ALL on unpacking my entire backpack to retrieve something from the bottom. Yes, I’m looking at you, top-loading backpacks. Hence, when I found this Kelty Redwing backpack on Amazon, I was sold. A front-loader allows you to gain access to all of your backpack’s contents making life just so much easier when you’re on the move. After watching this review, I didn’t have to hesitate on making my purchase. And, it’s definitely doing well with me on the road thus far. So yay!

P.S. I chanced upon this very detailed guide to choosing a good backpack by Anastasia on Gallivant Girl. So, for those of you slightly lost on where to begin, you’re welcome. 🙂

2. Packing Cubes


I never used to believe in spending good money getting packing cubes, but having started using them I have realised I save HUGE amount of space. So, invest in decent quality ones even if you’re not planning on getting Eagle Creek Packing Cubes.

3. Travel Towel

I cannot emphasis enough how good a decision it was to invest in a travel towel before I came to New Zealand. I got my towel (50cm by 100cm) for around SGD 35 at The Travel Store, Singapore. Turns out, here in New Zealand, Macpac sold the same size for NZD 18. Here!

There are 2 main reasons why every traveller needs to own a travel towel. They are quick to dry and highly compact. #whatmorecanatravelleraskfor

4. Comfortable (and durable) shoes


Getting the right pair of shoes can be tricky business. But, the first thing you need to consider is your terrain. For me, I didn’t find the need to get proper hiking shoes just yet, mainly because I didn’t know which hikes I will (actually) end up conquering. And also, I didn’t want to be lugging around additional kilos of something I’ll put to use only in a month or two’s time. So, for starters, I decided to go with getting trail shoes from New Balance for under SGD 100. I’ve done just a 8-hour hike thus far in them, so I can’t comment too much. But, comfortable shoes are more than a blessing when your terrain is nothing but boulders. Invest wisely in good, durable ones!

P.S. Found a post on 5 reasons why you should ditch your hiking boots by Dave on CleverHiker. Seems like my trail shoes are a good choice, afterall. 😉

5. Convertible Pants

I have not invested in convertible pants yet, but, I foresee myself doing so at some point during my travels here. My fellow hiker during the Pinnacles, Gregor, had them and boy, they seemed so comfortable and convenient! Couple of good brands available would be REI, Columbia or The North Face. But, be warned you are looking at slightly under NZD 100 for a pair.

6. Sleeping Bag

Even if you are not going to be camping, sleeping bags or sleeping sheets at the very least come in handy when you are greeted with a dirty-looking hostel bed. And oh, ear plugs and/or eye mask would be a bonus, in case your roommates are worse than your noisy neighbour back home.

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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