Northland explored #1!

It’s been two full months since I left Solosingaporean unattended and cobwebs have been starting to grow. I finished the rest of my North Island travel two weeks back and decided to head home for a while (at least till the end of the year). New Zealand, I’m definitely coming back for you! There is still so much left for me to see and explore. A lot of my heart is still there, so let me spend my rather free days reminiscing and sharing all my travel stories.

The first stop out of Auckland was exploring entire Northland, all the way up to the Northern Tip, Cape Reinga. But, before starting our journey on the road, we spent 5 days at Sandra’s wonderful beachfront home at Waipu. Our timing was rather unfortunate as the drive from Auckland although relatively short (120km) was through the heart of Cyclone Pam. Road conditions were terrible with certain sections of the road blocked due to a massive accident and we encountered a flat battery after driving about 80km north from Auckland. After all the misadventures on the road, settling in the comfort of Sandra’s home with a cup of hot drink and some dinner reminded me how grateful it was to feel alive and safe.


When in Waipu region, Waipu Caves is a good place to stop to have a good glowworm experience for free. Entry to cave is wide but the grounds can be muddy especially if rainfall is heavy the previous few days. Make sure you have a torchlight with you to ease your experience through the caves.

Further north from Waipu, about 30km away, is Whangarei. There are more attractions like Claphams National Clock Museum, Mt Parihaka, Whangarei Falls etc. to explore in this area.

We ended up spending the first night in Northland region in Paihia, which was another 70km north from Whangarei. We cooked with a view of a spectacular sunset in a golf course and fell asleep counting the stars before our eyes.

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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