This one is for you.

Dear You,

I begin this letter with a heart full of hope that you will begin reading it after putting aside every thought you have ever had about love and relationships.

When you are 13, you think love is when a particular boy across the hallway catches your attention and you think he is cute. And that one glance back from him in your direction is all that takes for love to blossom and for a happily ever after. But, when you are 26, you have been soured by the realities and practicalities of the world that you think love is nothing beyond a commitment in exchange for a status of marriage hood.

That’s where you are wrong.

Marriage is a lifetime of commitment pegged with countless responsibilities. But, it also entails a whirlwind romance.

Marriage can be a series of silent nights after arguments. But, it is also a sum of the morning kisses and hugs that you begin the day with.

Marriage is weekends spent running between grocery stores and in law’s place. But, such weekends remind you how you shouldn’t take the love that surrounds you for granted.

Marriage is not about who is right or who is wrong. But, rather, about who apologies first even when they are not in the wrong.

Marriage can be a boring routine. But, it only holds true when you embark it with the one that makes even ordinary seem extraordinary.

So hold on even when you think age is catching up on you. Don’t ever settle and sell your sell yourself short. You and love are worth far more than a contractual agreement.


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