3 nights in Barcelona.

Nearly 8 months prior to my travel, I booked myself a seat on Qatar Airways for SGD 863 for a 2-way Singapore to Barcelona flight (layover in Doha) with my girlfriends! It was my first real trip to Europe (turkey doesn’t count ;)) and we were gonna be going for TOMATINA!! Couldn’t be more psyched that this was finally happening! After our countless talk of being part of the tomato madness and striking it off our bucket list, the moment was finally here! Tickets were booked!

We flew to Barcelona, figured out the metro system, struggled with street names, and directions while figuring out our apartment location, took a long while to locate a Vodafone that is actually open and possibly found the best (and very affordable) paella in town in a very fancy restaurant. Verdict: 3 nights ain’t enough!

Getting around


A single trip from to airport to the city (or vice versa) costs EUR 4.50 via the metro line shown above. As you can see, the metro network is relatively easy to figure out. There a various day passes that can be purchased for your travels within Barcelona. As we were there for 3 nights, we got ourselves a 3 day pass for EUR 20.50. There is also another option of T10 (10 train rides) for EUR 9.90 (airport ride not included). On our return back to the airport, to pick up our rental car before we drove to Valencia, we tried to outsmart the system buying by a T10 pass to share it between myself and my 3 other friends. Sorry guys, didn’t work.

SIM Matters

Vodafone seemed to be the most reliable telecomm provider and since their price was affordable I decided to stick with a familiar name. It costed me EUR 15 for 1.5gb and lucky for me, there was a free upgrade to 3GB for the same price. The SIM was valid for a month, which was more than enough for my 16 day travel within Spain.


  1. Sagrada Familia!


THE place to visit when in Barcelona! Lucky me, could even get a glimpse of the Roman Catholic wonder from the balcony of my apartment! That was how near our apartment was to Sagrada! Despite walking by the Sagrada each time we took the Metro, I couldn’t help but marvel at Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece that is still under construction even after over 100 years. We pre-booked our tickets online way earlier and ended up scoring discounted tickets at EUR 7.30 for a Sunday entry into the church (without audio guide)

Other ticketing information can be found at: http://www.sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets/

2. Casa Batllo


Following Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi’s next architectural marvel would be Casa Batllo. Located along Passeig de Gracia, Casa Batllo is a stone’s throw away from Guadi’s another beauty – Casa Mila. As entry to each costed quite a bit, we opted to visit just Casa Batllo. Known for it’s irregular oval windows, flowing sculpted stone work, very few straight lines, broken ceramic tiles making up a colourful mosaic, Casa Batllo was a beauty to be standing within.

Entry to Casa Batllo costed us EUR 22 each, which came with an audio guide. Highly recommended, despite being slightly costly!

3. Park Guell


I nicknamed this, Gaudi’s little playground! Minus, the (insane) crowd, there is nothing not to love about Park Guell! It’s no surprise that there is a limit of 400 tickets every half hour to the Monumental Zone of the park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Booking your tickets online guarantees you a spot in the park and also allows you to save 1 Euro from the ticket price of 8 Euros at the door.

4. Camp Nou


Camp Nou stadium experience is really ONCE in a lifetime! Highly recommend going for it! Tickets costs EUR 23 + EUR 5 (for an audio guide – which is helpful if you are not really game for reading all the information displayed in the gallery).

Food, Glorious food

In my entire trip around Spain, Les Quinze Nits was my favourite for their paella! It looks very fancy from the outside that we actually walked past it, till my friend actually pointed it out. Thank god for locals! The paella tasted very authentic and it was affordable, so what’s not to love about it.

A thing to note: paella actually tastes different all throughout Spain, so enjoy eating your way through 🙂

For churros, I enjoyed those I tried at Petritxol cafe. Thick, warm chocolate to dip sugar coated churros in. Aaaahhhh…. And there after, head down to Barceloneta Beach to laze the afternoon away. As good as life gets!


Next up, was Valencia! And that meant, TOMATINA!!!!

All images belong to Solosingaporean unless otherwise credited for. Please give credit where it’s due.


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