30 minus 2.

Today I turn 28. Last year, my post was titled 26+1. But, this year, it felt like the reference to the BIG 30 although highly inevitable, seemed pretty accurate. The past year seems to have been the year where I fully transitioned into being an adult. As scary as decision-making was, I would say that I have done fairly well.

The culmination of our 7 years has been seen entirely in the past year alone – from the struggle of last December, to February, to June, to the proposal in Melbourne’s winter to our next phase, come the new year. I have to attest that the full credit of our relationship and my happiness goes to your patience, without which, we wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we stand today.

The past year also saw my brother moving out and transitioning to a new phase of life. All the wedding preparations and house setup makes me feel like November 2015 wasn’t too long ago – except a year has passed since. The home has grown so much more quiet that I can no longer recall the days in which there was one more person in the house to share the space and fight with. And in another 8 months or so, our family of 5 would be down to just 2, under one roof.

The past especially 5-6 months have been very hectic. My social life has taken a huge plunge. The people I used to meet every other day have been reduced to monthly meet-ups. My time is being stretched in so so many ways, but I know, beneath all of it, these are the ones I’ll count on anytime, any day. So thank you for bearing with me.

The past year saw me travelling to Boracay, Bangkok, Penang, Bali, Melbourne and Spain! I cannot believe we have actually ticked Tomatina off our bucket list!!! The next year would possibly see me travelling a lot less, so I’m glad we did Spain!

Thank you for the year that brought about a whole lot of changes. Some days, I wish time slowed down a bit, for me to relish and enjoy the moments just a little longer, before I had to jump to the next agenda on my plate. But, I suppose, you are never going to be fully ready for now. All I pray for, is that the coming year would be yet another wonderful one and for strength to get though with all that the year has to offer. The year ahead is going to be BIG. But, I know I have the best people surrounding me to make even the hardest moments seem surmountable. May the odds always be in our favour!


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