60 nights.

Greeting the last quarter of the year within our own private space still feels like a dream we spoke of many, many conversations ago. I still remember, somewhere in 2009, we were spending your lunch break together. I was lying on your shoulders while we sat at one of our usual bench spots not too far away from my home. You were clad in your uniform as you were serving the nation then. I kept looking at my watch to remind you to go when it was time, so that you won’t run late. The other part of me, didn’t want to hold on to the moment (and you) for too long. Our days and talk then were almost always centered around “what ifs” as well as me being left in tears when the double lives I was leading became more and more distinct.

Tomorrow marks our second 20th together as man and wife (traditionally). As much as every airline sale (still) makes me spend my time frantically sharking for the best tickets for my next escape, I have begun seeing adventures in the simple and everyday.

I don’t think I have been able to fully reply the question “how’s married life” to the many that have asked. Partly because I know I cannot answer the question without being specific and general is usually how most people would address a question like that. And also, a general answer wouldn’t be doing justice to this 2 months, would it?

I have so many favourites. Watching you get around with doing things that are under your department. When you get excited to bake. Your fascination with opening my “Christmas” presents that arrive nearly every other day. And even the (few) mornings when I have to force myself to get out of bed to prepare breakfast for you. But, aside from those, the feeling within when I get to see you off at the door (some) mornings and being home before you get back is indescribable.

We definitely haven’t figured it all out. We still sleep with our backs facing each other on some nights. But, when morning arrives, our hearts have a way of finding its path back to each other and that is keeping us going. Cheers to everything that is lying ahead for us, S.


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