The best is yet to come.

2017 has been an epic culmination of the past decade. Also timely that this year, saw me concluding the last year of my twenties.

For most parts of my twenties, I alternated quite a fair bit between having it easy and dealing with my inner demons to stay afloat. I questioned life, love, my purpose, every relation I had built and the whole works pre-adult hood brought to the table. I pushed my loved ones far away on multiple occasions through my way of dealing and coping. I shut myself out most days while on my good days I was this spark of ball that never ceased to stop spinning. It took me a long while to realise why I couldn’t get everyone in the room to like me. Why I couldn’t connect with everyone I wanted to, although I assumed it would be rather effortless, or at least that was what I was told. I realised the hard and long way that the only way to forgive and heal is to love (again).

The year had so many highlights! Bought a house, caught Adele live, scored (really cheap) Gold Class movie tickets, honed the Picasso within (thanks to Boulevart and DW Workshop), managed to escape to Langkawi for a weekend and thereafter got smashed with 2 weeks in India, did an impromptu day-trip to Batam, fine dining at The Line, did our solemnisation over an intimate ceremony at West Coast Park just as I had dreamt of, Jakarta for Hen’s, got traditionally married i.e. survived the 15-hour day with the 5kg weight on me, Gilli Islands, #36hoursinbangkok, house party to celebrate turning a year older, successfully did our first open house, survived the Vertical Marathon and the lil’ sister’s grad trip awaits! Woah! It has been a jam-packed but very eventful year.

This year is just the beginning of another year of changes that await. As we transition more seamlessly into this next phase, let us cherish the highs but remember the lows that made us grow and be better versions of ourselves. See you on the other side.


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