Beauty in the ruins, Angkor Wat (Day 1).

Lazy weekday afternoons has gotten me reminiscing of my Cambodia travels last December with le family.

Angkor Wat is often mistaken to be the entire area of temple in Siem Reap. Instead, Angkor Wat is just the grandest highlight that stands tall in the area – Angkor. Passes may be purchased at the main entrance on the road to Angkor Wat. Passes are sold in one-day (USD 20), three-day (USD 40) and seven-day (USD 60) blocks that must be used on consecutive days.

With the grounds of the temples sprawled across huge acres of land and the scorching heat then defeated us quite easily, covering 4 temples in Day One was quite a feat I’d say. Spent the whole morning at Angkor Wat and the afternoon was spent in Ta Phrom, Ta Keo and Phnom Bakheng. We caught sunset in Angkor area and called it a day. We had a catch a good night’s of sleep and rest our tired feet to take on 2 more days in Angkor. #bringiton #butfirstfootmassageplease

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Photography has always been a part of me, especially during my travels that I’m beginning to wonder if I love travelling ’cause it gives me photo worthy moments worth snapping. Either way, I’m glad these moments inspire me. To travel more, to snap better.

Bali, Indonesia. (March 2013)

Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (November 2013)

SAMSUNG CSCDambulla, Sri Lanka. (December 2013)

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. (December 2013)

Halong Bay, Vietnam. (February 2014)

Halong Bay, Vietnam. (February 2014)

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The Saturday kind of love.

The afternoon was spent over some coffee and a conversation about love and life with a friend of mine. And, this is my afterthought.

Someone can love you till the moon and back. Till his last breath. And even after. Yet, the (only) question you need to ask yourself – is he enough for you?

I came across a quote that resonates exactly this. “If you know what you’re worth, go find what you deserve.”









The beauty in photography never fails to amaze and, more importantly, inspire me.

All photos were taken at 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic at Art Science Museum, Singapore. Exhibition runs till 27 October 2013.

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Friday links!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my favourites with all of you. I hope you were watching the space for this! #delusionalself

1. TED talk for the week: Listening to shame by Brené Brown.

Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.


If we are going to find out way back to each other, vulnerability is going to be that path.

Thank you Brené for this. This helped me make peace with vulnerability. Something, I’ve been struggling to come to terms with over these years. I’m the kind of person who gets involved very deeply when it concerns friendships or relationships. I have always valued them above all else cause I don’t subscribe to the notion of blood being thicker than water. I take long to warm up. But, when I do, I plunge in deep. I wish it is more of a leap of faith rather than a straight-up drowning which has often been the case (explains the fair bit of bitter endings). I began to wonder, contemplate what was it that was going wrong. Was it the different set of expectations we brought to the plate? Our priorities in life being different? Or did we just change and grow apart? As a result, I often accused myself (was accused by also) to be vulnerable. I was essentially the true embodiment of the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve”. Before I could come to terms with what that meant to me as an individual, I was conformed to believing that being explicit with my emotions ain’t a good thing. Vulnerability was a synonym to weakness in my dictionary. The dictionary I was forced to construct within. It made me feel ashamed for not being able to be strong enough, hold my guard in front of people (both new and old). So Brené, thank you once again. I need to meet more people like you.

Vulnerability is not weakness, and the uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure we face every day are not optional. Our only choice is a question of engagement. Our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose.

Read the speaker’s blog post here.

2. This post (Stepping up in style) seems like a very good DIY if you have stairs at home.

Another variation,

Image linked directly to source.

3. Amidst all my photography hunt and maddness, this article (Why I ditched my SLR) is worth a read. We are often misled to think that great photography is achieved only with the mightiest of cameras at hand. Photography is becoming such an affordable hobby to take up that every other person is armed with a DSLR these days. A tiny part of me dies each time I see a person fumbling with a DSLR cause I wonder they might have bought a camera tad’ bit too advanced just to keep up with the Joneses. Here I am, still months away (hopefully!) from achieving my DSLR dream.

The article made me reflect on 2 things. Photography and memories. We all (most of us, at least) take photographs to capture memories. Unravelling a photo from your past is like travelling down a passage in time. A bittersweet walk down memory lane. So, question is, are your best memories captured with the most powerful camera? With all technicalities in order? The right aperture, ISO setting, camera angle etc. It might be the case. But more often that not, that’s not the case. The best memories might sometimes be captured with an iphone camera or even a 2.0MP Nokia phone for that matter. What matters essentially is the memories that fill you when you look back on that photo rather than the works that when behind that pinhole before you shoot that matters.

So, amidst all the buzz about mighty DSLRs don’t forget the true essence of photography. Go dig out your favourite photo and rediscover what photography means to you.

And for those of you with DSLRs, this tutorial is worth giving go.

As for me, I’m not going let my lack of a mighty camera stop me from having fun when I capture memories. So, I’m going to be participating in June! Photo a day. #photoadayjune created by @fatmumslim

Since I missed taking a shot this morning, I’ll be starting with tomorrow’s, 2nd June. Go have some fun and share your photo via the above social media tools. You could drop a comment here as well! I’ll be happy to follow you back!

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Gadget whore!

I always succumb to buying electronics every 2 or 3 months. One of my many many bad habits, I know. This year alone, I’ve bought invested in a polaroid (fujifilm instax mini 50S) and my long awaited wait for IPAD 3 was answered with it’s release in March! Right now, I’m in the midst of my camera hunt. Another camera I should add, apart from current collection that consists of my Sony Digital Camera (WX-1) that has been serving me well for over 2 years and my latest addition – polaroid. Despite being about SGD 1,500 poorer since the year begun, I wanted to get my hands on a Canon DSLR sometime by the end of the year or next year (depending on financial capabilities of course). But suddenly, I feel like putting that dream on-hold and giving film a shot. I’m been doing my fair-bit, more than fair-bit of research on lomo cameras, films, film types, cost of developing films etc. since yesterday. After the many back and forths, my choices right now are swaying towards getting a Sprocket Rocket, a La Sardina or a Fisheye camera. I’ve decided on getting a camera that uses 35mm film since I’m a beginner and more importantly, the cost of 120mm film is higher and so is, developing the film. I wish my pocket was bigger (i.e. 3 times more) to get myself LC-A+! That too the Russian edition (*RED ALERT*) , which is on a 44% discount (only valid yesterday and today)! IF ONLYY 😦 #firstworldpains

So, after multiple reality checks, I think I’m just going to let my first film camera be the Sprocket Rocket.

All images are linked directly to its source.

It allows me to take pictures like this! Need I say more?!

As for multi-lenses cameras, I’m deciding between ActionSampler and Oktomat. Basically, either 4 or 8 frames! My sister got herself a Supersampler a couple of years back. I know, I know. I take a while to fall in love (no pun intended, I think *raises eyebrows*).

I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be spending about the same money or more with all that I’ve mentioned (i.e. individual, specialized cameras) instead of just getting the LC-A+ (since it gives me the option of multi-lens). Is that good or bad? Ah, I don’t know. But if you do, please share with me your 2- cents worth. I’m new to lomography and the film world. So any advice is good advice. Thank you, in advance!

I love the entire process of researching up on specifications, comparing, make a decision then reconsidering it to see if I’m made the ‘best’ decision. Though, with regards to technology, the word ‘best’ is invalid as something new, better, sleeker, more stylish will always be coming up. And then, dilemma woes happen all over again and cycle repeats itself. I hope I’m not alone in this cause then, I should be termed more than a gadget whore. *fingers crossed*

See, I kept to my word of a light-hearted entry! *gives myself a pat on the shoulder and says “you’re welcome!”*

P.S. Sorry, I’m on a self-humour mode today. Forgive me! It might be due to the invasion that happened last night. #ladygagabornthiswayball


Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down. – Kobi Yamada

Beauty awakens the soul to act. – Dante Alighieri

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. – Friedrich Nietzsche


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I have switched to taking photos on Camera+ (US $0.99) as picture quality really has stark difference when compared with a normal camera shot and they’ve easily over 20 filters. For a quality photo-editing app, check out Snapseed (US $4.99). It’s awesome. Other apps, I think I’ll be hooked on in no time are, PictureShow  (US $1.99), Hipstamatic  (US $1.99) and Pixlromatic  (Free).

And in case you don’t already know, there are quite a few apps that allow you to send your Instagram shots via postcard. InstapostPicsicle and Postagram are a few I can name off-hand. All are free apps but sending each postcard may incur some charges, depending to which part of the world you’re sending them to, I reckon.

Recommend me any cool apps you’ve recently fallen in love with! Would love to expand my present collection of about 20 apps under my photography folder!

P.S. I want a fussball table in my house! Any donations coming my way? Thank you in advance! 🙂