2014, let’s be awesome!

2nd half of the year has been many levels of tough. Especially, on the work front. I’ve begun the countdown for 2015 already. But, before that 4 travels await me.

Guess where I am heading to?! Bottom 2 photos are pretty obvious.

But, nonetheless, YAAY to rest of 2014!


The ball is round, in soccer and in life.

My absence over this time of the year could only mean one thing. Yes, I was busy being a soccer pundit like everyone else around the globe.

Life lessons from the “11 players to 1 ball” game:

1. Don’t undermine the underdogs. Period.

2. It doesn’t matter how strong or weak you are before you set foot in the pitch. All that matters, is that 90-minutes of action.

3. There is such a thing as luck. And, it is very real.

4. More often than not, you have to rely on others to help you create magic.

5. Sometimes, you charge ahead with all your might only to end up being stopped by the whistle.

6. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. It’s how you stand back up on your feet that matters.

7. You got to have faith and take a shot. If it becomes a goal, good. Otherwise, keep trying.

8. Look over your shoulders as much as you look ahead of you. You don’t know where your next attack can come from.

9. You got to perform pressure or no pressure. So, you might as well have fun while you are at it!

10. What goes around comes around. So, watch where you are headed. After all, the ball is round.


Dear future employer.

So, while I’m busy spamming your inboxes with my CV and 2 by 2” passport photo just thought there are a couple of things you should know about me. Before you call me up for an awkward small talk and then offer me an interview slot rather hesitantly that is.

– I value my self worth quite a lot. So, while you might have an awesome company if I don’t like the way you make me feel, I’ll quit.

– I’m planning to take a 6 month vacation twice a year after I join. Kidding. But, on a serious note, I am planning a 6 month vacation just once within my first 2 years of working with you. Hope you remember this when offering me a handsome pay.

– I hope my fellow colleagues aren’t pain in the asses ’cause my tolerance is really quite low. Quite the contrary of what I’m going to be bragging during my 15 min of fame aka interview.

– I am fussy about my morning commutes so I hope I have a direct bus and/or an empty train for me to get to work to. Otherwise, I expect coffee on my table to calm my nerves. Also, speaking of which, I’m never on time so helping me with a coffee run will give me just a bit more time to be productive.

– I expect to be able to take 3 hour lunch breaks without getting calls from you. Period.

I think this shall be all for tonight. I’ll keep updating this list as we go along just so you and I are on the same page.

Cheers mate!


This post was written purely for humour as the author just spent the past couple of hours slouched behind the screen to find that ONE awesome job she had to apply to before the sun rises tomorrow morning. I’m naturally quite well-mannered, judging from most of my other posts, so don’t get too worried. Go ahead, pick up that damn phone and give me a call tomorrow  on Monday will you.

With only good intentions,

Your future employee.


January is almost over and it has been a whirlwind thus far.

The year begun highly uncertain for me on the grounds of work. I am still in the midst of deciding if a switch is needed or if I should bite the bullet and tide through this rather impossible phase.

I don’t know really know what exactly my sanity has been. But, I’m glad to be still surviving.

I have quit planning weeks or months ahead and have started taking each day literally. I’m not exactly sure if that is a good thing but the burden on my shoulders seem to weigh down on me less.

I want April to come soon so can breathe slightly easier. That’s 2 more months to go.

I hope my blogging mojo is back ’cause I don’t want to keep lamenting about my (work) life.

Right now, it’s the season for reunion for the family since the sister came back 3 days ago, but only to depart again tomorrow. Short getaway beckons this weekend. I hope it does the trick to pull me through till.. for some time at least.

Let’s hope February is gonna be kinder. If it isn’t I’ll just look forward to my first real travel for the year – Vietnam.

Till then, I’ll let my sumptuous dinner spread give me happiness.

Taken at Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood, Singapore.

A 25 year-old’s Sunday musings.


1. Honesty is the fundamental of ANY relationship.

2. You reap what you sow. Applicable to almost anything and everything. 

3. You either have to do what you love or (try and) love what you do.

4. 7 days in a week is sometimes just not enough. To catch up. To breathe. To live.

5. It is okay to want to go on a vacation every week.

6. It is also okay to think about going on one every morning when reality slaps you awake.

7. It is understandable that you want to change your job every week as well.

8. It is not a problem if you get bored easily. So long as you have enough things to keep yourself entertained, you’re fine. If you don’t have, create some will you?

9. And lastly, there is such a thing as mindless entertainment. It is not something you have to be guilty about. You are allowed to just sit and do nothing. Or kill a a bit brain cells by watching movies that don’t make any sense. It is okay. Especially after a full day at work on a Sunday.  

Same, same?


Yesterday, over lunch with a colleague of mine (yes, i’m not THAT antisocial) we were talking about office politics, the working world and people in general. In the midst of the conversation, he said, “But, we like people who mirror ourselves and what we believe in.” I took a moment to wonder. Do we?

Some say friendship is born when one says “OMG! I thought I was the only one!” Do you foster friendships that way? Does differences push us further away from another or is it just in our mindset? Why then, do some say, opposites attract?

Food for thought.

It’s OK Thursday!


In case you have missed my previous Friday links post, I caught onto “It’s OK Thursday” from Alissa over at Beauty and the Bilyeu’s. I know I’m a day late, but hey, it’s still Thursday in the far west of our planet. So come on, let’s go!

… that somedays things get so tough and you wanna give up.

… that the airconditioning in the room is not working at the moment.

… that you haven’t gone out for a run in almost a week.

… that your book is still stuck at page 38.

… that work today entails more than a 8 hour shift.

… that you’ve yet to do a couple of food reviews on your blog.

… that you’re still trying to find yourself a good deal to get that camera(s).

… that you need almost 10 hours of sleep to remain sane the following day.

… that every 4 hours you need to nourish yourself with some food.

… that you’ve slightly over a month more before trip to Bali awaits.

Happy thursday, nonetheless!

Friday links!


I know I did mention my pending absence. But, how can I miss friday favourites! So for this week, here it goes!

1. From one of the photoblogs I religiously follow – moment junkie. Love this shot!

2. Are ear cuffs the new IN thing with regards to accessories?

3. Hannah’s post on leaving and goodbyes.

4. A very whacky bridal shower!

5. An “it’s OK thursday” sounds pretty fun. I might decide to hop onto the bandwagon.

6. This line “Get good at discomfort. Avoiding discomfort is very common, but a big mistake. Learning to be OK with some discomfort will change your life.” by Leo Babauta on Advice to My Kids.

7. The most expensive places in US to get married in for all you couples who are gonna get hitched. And for those of you, who want a simple wedding, read this!

8. For those of you who haven’t fallen head over heels in love with Italy, this is for you!

9. An engagement photo shoot in a lovely old world setting.

10. THIS TED talk, must watch!

11. And lastly, if you’re in need of some inspiration, look over here.

And so, I’m sure by now, you must have heard about the death of Google reader come July. *loud wail* So, let’s just get moving to Bloglovin’ shall we? Here’s a simple tutorial on how. See you there folks!

Friday favourites!



1. This apartment in Brooklyn. Speaking of which, my posters from Society 6 have arrived! Yay! Time for some redecorating.

2. For those of you who are dessert lovers, you’ll enjoy this featured post over at A Beautiful Mess working in collaboration with Enjoy Cupcakes.

3. Forget harlem shake and all the other variations on Youtube these days, Joe’s THE man!

4. You hardly come across posts of a blogger’s travel to India, that too South India, so enjoy this read.

5. Engagement photo shoot by Emma and Trey – Part 1 & part 2! ♥

6. A prison turned into a boutique hotel in Netherlands!

7. Gentri’s trip to Epcot makes you fall in love with Walt Disney and everything associated to childhood and fairy tales all over again.


I’m in the midst of making changes to the content I publish on Solosingaporean. So if you don’t hear from me soon, assume I’m under construction. Till then.

Friday links, after what feels like forever!

The last time I did friday links was what almost a good 5 months ago! gosh! Here’s the last one, in case you wanna be a faithful stalker follower.

1. This family photoshoot spells so much fun and love!

2. I’m liking the feel of this engagement photoshoot.

3. With the latest hair trend being dip dying, maybe the less adventurous can try this.Would you?

4. With all the saga going on about horse meat and Ikea’s meatballs, this Thought Catalog blows it!

5. This is for girls who feel insecure about their bodies and have misconstrued perceptions about being thin.

And, well, hello march!


le sister, the cutie pie ♥