6 things I have learnt after being in sales for 6 weeks.

  1. Anyone can do sales but not everyone survives.

Often we hear people saying anyone can do sales, practically anyone. Degree or no degree. 20 year old or a 40 year old. I’m not going to deny that. But, instead, I’ve begun to realise surviving in this field is the harder part. It takes a whole lot of perseverance and persistence to go forth each day with newfound strength to hit THAT sale.

2. No pain, no gain?! Not always.

You end up putting in at least 50 man-hours for a $50 dollar commission. And, sometimes, just 5 man-hours is all that is needed for you to earn $500 dollars on commission. So, it’s not always no pain, no gain. But, what I’ve come to learn is that, it balances out at the end of the day and hard work does pay off. You just gotta be consistent.

3. Follow ups!

No matter how good a “talker” you are, if you do not follow up you lose the game. It’s probably the most tiring part of the job – keeping track of who to call and when to call. Day and time, both are equally important. Say hello to Excel, google sheets, reminders. notes!

4. Low-ballers

Having the strength and more importantly, patience to handle low-ballers are a HUGE, HUGE part of the job. As a customer, everyone wants the most value for the lowest price. Who doesn’t?! So, put yourself in your customer’s/client’s shoes and offer them the best you can. But, never sell yourself short in the process! So, be sure, to find that balance and you’ll be sure to fly.

5. NEVER mass mail! NEVER!

No one wants to be on the receiving side of an email sent out in masses. It takes time, but, put in the effort to address your recipient and add in a line or two to show that you actually do care about the business they do and how you can help them. I just spent 5 minutes on the line with someone from a financial institution. I specifically tell him my needs expecting a tailor-made email sent to me. But, damn! I open the attachment and a brochure, perhaps, one given out during any roadshow on the company’s profile greets me. No surprise there, but, I’m clearly not going to be calling him back anytime soon. The effort you put in always shows! Don’t cut corners.

6. You drive your own pocket.

It’s as simple (and hard) as that! Work hard, be consistent and reap the benefits. Stay hungry!


This one is for you.

Dear You,

I begin this letter with a heart full of hope that you will begin reading it after putting aside every thought you have ever had about love and relationships.

When you are 13, you think love is when a particular boy across the hallway catches your attention and you think he is cute. And that one glance back from him in your direction is all that takes for love to blossom and for a happily ever after. But, when you are 26, you have been soured by the realities and practicalities of the world that you think love is nothing beyond a commitment in exchange for a status of marriage hood.

That’s where you are wrong.

Marriage is a lifetime of commitment pegged with countless responsibilities. But, it also entails a whirlwind romance.

Marriage can be a series of silent nights after arguments. But, it is also a sum of the morning kisses and hugs that you begin the day with.

Marriage is weekends spent running between grocery stores and in law’s place. But, such weekends remind you how you shouldn’t take the love that surrounds you for granted.

Marriage is not about who is right or who is wrong. But, rather, about who apologies first even when they are not in the wrong.

Marriage can be a boring routine. But, it only holds true when you embark it with the one that makes even ordinary seem extraordinary.

So hold on even when you think age is catching up on you. Don’t ever settle and sell your sell yourself short. You and love are worth far more than a contractual agreement.

I am all of her.

I am her silence. But, I’m also her words.

I am her impatience. But, I’m also her ambition(s).

I am her greed. But, I’m also her contentment.

I am her contradictions. But, I’m also her values.

I am her anger. But, I’m also her selfless heart.

I am all of her. My mother.

Keep calm and keep breathing.

These days the passing of time serves as a constant reminder as to how bleak my future ahead looks. I keep telling myself it’s okay NOT to have a plan. Yes, there I said it. As scary as it sounds, it’s really okay. Life is too long a journey to be charted in one sitting over a couple of cups of coffee.

Things don’t always go according to plan. I’m sure we all know that by now. Yet, we beat ourselves up and sweat over the small stuff. We pressure ourselves to have a plan at every stage of life. Sometimes, I think it’s okay to just sit back and go where the wind blows. Give yourself a chance to fall in love with something you never even saw yourself doing in the first place. And, forgive yourself when you actually end up hating something you thought you had always wanted. So, take that giant leap of faith and just live.

Well, at least for me, I’m okay not to have a plan till 2015 comes knocking on my door. We’ll talk then, shall we?

Me? Writer? Who knew!

I never thought of myself to be a writer until a couple of years back. When, pardon the cliché, change was my only constant, I turned to writing instead of trying to explain my thoughts in coherent sentences to another.

I wrote so my anger churns out cathartic writing instead of burning down the 4 walls I sit within. I wrote to mask my pain and make sense of it instead of allowing it to destroy me. I wrote to forgive and come to terms with myself instead of holding grudges. I wrote to remain sane instead of letting words have the power to kill from within. I wrote to be able to sleep just a bit better at night instead of allowing words to float before me with every blink of my eyelids. I wrote so that writing became the reason I got out of bed every morning instead of allowing myself to catch both sunrise and sunset from under my sheets.

I continue seeking solace in writing largely because words give me a second chance at life and love. Words despite having the power to hurt, also have the power to fade the line between fiction and reality.

And, that is all I know.

I hope that is enough; for now.

You will never be ready.

Probably the harshest truth I’m forced to tell myself time and again.

You will never be ready to quit your job and travel.

You will never be ready to get over the ex and so, you will always push away the thought of meeting someone new.

You will never be ready to lose a loved one without thinking about how you could have done more.

You will never be ready to throw yourself into a world of unknown and instead, you will always choose to follow the safer, well travelled path.

So, what I often tell myself is, as cliche as it sounds, just freaking do it. You possibly will never be ready. So, just throw yourself in since you are at it.

I remember.

I remember the drives we used to go on. The way we blasted the radio, sung choruses of songs we had never heard before in such perfect harmony, the way we threw one-liners at each other only to end up bursting in laughter almost always.

I remember the lazy weekend afternoons we used to spend sprawled over coffee and books. How tales we read ended up being long conversation topics that stretched beyond our bedtimes.

I remember the silences between our conversations that felt so comfortable and warm. The way our unspoken words spoke more than the words we exchanged. How you stole glances of the twinkle in my eyes in between the words and silences and reached out for my hand.

Today, I remember all the moments we shared and smile to myself.  They say people walk into your life and, even if they walk out, a part of you still remains changed forever. I’m glad you walked into it. You gave me wings when I couldn’t even stand on my own 2 feet. I’m a firm believer in silver linings. So, although my heart still remains mostly broken, there is a reason we met and parted. I’d like to believe so, to get by.

That girl.

Taken at China House, Georgetown, Penang.

She is the girl seated alone in the bar, in hand with a drink and a book.

The one who seeks comfort in the tales authors spun rather than the ones guys spin, oh so effortlessly.

The one that chooses adventure over routine.

The one that struggles everyday with her identity and yet, remains true to herself.

The one that knows how to guard herself although she wears her heart on her sleeve.

The one that walked away from the boy who called her vulnerable.

The one whose heart aches even after this long.

She is that girl.

Musings of a restless adventurer.

The postcard worthy Halong Bay. (February, 2014)

4 more days before her next adventure. Before her bag was packed and she could jump into a plane. She enjoyed travelling solo. Don’t get her wrong. She loves company. But, she enjoys the solitude and freedom going solo brings to her. She looks forward to planning the next 24 hours according to her own whims and fancies. She doesn’t have to bear with the early riser who draws the curtain open first thing in the morning and ruins her beauty sleep. She doesn’t have to put up with her lover that expects to be interlocked in an embrace with through the night. She could have a lazy day lounging in the jacuzzi or an adventurous one depending on the side of bed she got up in the morning from.

She was truly the master of her own destiny.

Magic before my eyes.

Taken enroute from Halong Bay to Hanoi, Vietnam (February, 2014)

She weaved magic right before my eyes.

I took a moment to marvel at her delicate fingers that were unfolding a story.

She spun reality with just a couple of coloured threads.

She made me see the unseen and understand the untold.

Indeed, she is God’s gift to mankind.