Friday links!


I know I did mention my pending absence. But, how can I miss friday favourites! So for this week, here it goes!

1. From one of the photoblogs I religiously follow – moment junkie. Love this shot!

2. Are ear cuffs the new IN thing with regards to accessories?

3. Hannah’s post on leaving and goodbyes.

4. A very whacky bridal shower!

5. An “it’s OK thursday” sounds pretty fun. I might decide to hop onto the bandwagon.

6. This line “Get good at discomfort. Avoiding discomfort is very common, but a big mistake. Learning to be OK with some discomfort will change your life.” by Leo Babauta on Advice to My Kids.

7. The most expensive places in US to get married in for all you couples who are gonna get hitched. And for those of you, who want a simple wedding, read this!

8. For those of you who haven’t fallen head over heels in love with Italy, this is for you!

9. An engagement photo shoot in a lovely old world setting.

10. THIS TED talk, must watch!

11. And lastly, if you’re in need of some inspiration, look over here.

And so, I’m sure by now, you must have heard about the death of Google reader come July. *loud wail* So, let’s just get moving to Bloglovin’ shall we? Here’s a simple tutorial on how. See you there folks!


Friday favourites!



1. This apartment in Brooklyn. Speaking of which, my posters from Society 6 have arrived! Yay! Time for some redecorating.

2. For those of you who are dessert lovers, you’ll enjoy this featured post over at A Beautiful Mess working in collaboration with Enjoy Cupcakes.

3. Forget harlem shake and all the other variations on Youtube these days, Joe’s THE man!

4. You hardly come across posts of a blogger’s travel to India, that too South India, so enjoy this read.

5. Engagement photo shoot by Emma and Trey – Part 1 & part 2! ♥

6. A prison turned into a boutique hotel in Netherlands!

7. Gentri’s trip to Epcot makes you fall in love with Walt Disney and everything associated to childhood and fairy tales all over again.


I’m in the midst of making changes to the content I publish on Solosingaporean. So if you don’t hear from me soon, assume I’m under construction. Till then.

Friday links, after what feels like forever!

The last time I did friday links was what almost a good 5 months ago! gosh! Here’s the last one, in case you wanna be a faithful stalker follower.

1. This family photoshoot spells so much fun and love!

2. I’m liking the feel of this engagement photoshoot.

3. With the latest hair trend being dip dying, maybe the less adventurous can try this.Would you?

4. With all the saga going on about horse meat and Ikea’s meatballs, this Thought Catalog blows it!

5. This is for girls who feel insecure about their bodies and have misconstrued perceptions about being thin.

And, well, hello march!


le sister, the cutie pie ♥

Oh how I’ve missed you, friday lists.

1. I’m quite far away from turning 35, but, hey, it’s never too early right. Read this. (35 things I’ve learned in my 35 years) #11 really made me pause. But, I guess, it’s true. The time is/will never be right. But, when it happens, it will be perfect. So just wait for it.

2. How cool is this! (typewriter landscape)

3. Would you like to hand me your childhood photo, so we can go into the future? Here.

4. Another couple to congratulate!

5. Amidst, all the happy/fun moments worth celebrating, watch this! Poor guy!

6. “A mistake is an accident. Cheating and lying are not mistakes.” For more life lessons, read the full entry here.

7. It’s a pity I spend less time these days on Thought Catalog. But, this one is a worthwhile read.

8. I favourited this entry quite a while back. It’s especially important for me to share it here today cause sometimes all you need to take are baby steps.

9. There are never too many apps for photography, am I right? So, here.

10. Lastly, I’ve never been for/against gay marriages cause of different reasons mainly cause of the fact that an Asian country will never legalize a gay marriage. But, this couple, Lisa and Clay, made my Friday!

Have a good weekend people! And oh, just to rub it in your faces, I won’t be having Monday blues for quite a while! (go figure)

‘Friday’ links!

I know Friday is over and today’s Monday. I’m not living in that much of a denial. But, here’s a few reads that I wanna share with all of you coz I’m pretty impatient to wait for this Friday is arrive.

1. This post by The Rambling Philosopher on ‘Do you believe in soulmates?’

I just think that, anyone could be the one. It’s up to us to make that person be the one. I don’t really believe that it’s written in the book of our lives that we’d end up with a specific person, that it was already arranged who we end up with. If that was the case, how about those who ended up being single, divorced and all that? It seemed unfair somehow for some people to have it and others don’t.

2. This post on ‘Get married for the right reasons’.

Different people are willing to make different sacrifices. If you find the right person, they’ll want to meet you in the middle.

Getting married might be such a norm in society especially an Asian one. Almost as if you’re weird or have got a messed up sexuality if you don’t. So for all of you who’re in a relationship or not, read this through before you say “I do” or get your partner to do so.

3. Yet another post on the paradox of choices. Check out my post last month on ‘Choices’ here.

4. This post ‘On feeling afraid, but doing it anyway’ by Sarah on Yes and Yes.

5. This idea to create your own vintage postcard travel journal is pretty cool.

6. Post by Amber Pitts on ‘Learning to arrive content’ on The Girl That Sings.

Cheers to a not-so-blue Monday!

Friday links!

1. This article on parenting.

“Parent like there is no internet.” Such simple words that hold so much truth, about relying on instincts rather than what you’re told and taught. With this age and time, sometimes we tend to be swamped with information overload. Bombardment with bloggers sharing their 2-cents worth, motherhood magazines/books etc etc. Pause for a moment to remember how things were like before technology took over us.

Parenting will come naturally. There is no reason or need to force it upon you/your partner. Enjoy the journey to and through parenthood if you’re walking down that path.

2. Became a HUGE fan of ETSY in the past month alone. (I know I’m slow!)

Can somebody buy me something from this store (LIT decor)! Pretty please 🙂 I’d love one of these or many of these for my (future) house. Any will do. I’m not fussy and thank you in advance!

Prints from this store (Eye Poetry Photography) are many kinds of beautiful. I love her works. Check out her print shop as well as blog!

3. This post by Susan Edel on self-acceptance made me pause and reflect on myself. Give it a shot, you might be surprised when you need a while to answer the question she poses.

4. Awaiting this movie, Stricken.

Also, Spiderman, Dictator, Chernobyl Diaries, 5 Year Engagement and Teri Meri Kahani. That’s alot of movies! Marathon anybody?

5. Digging this post on colourful wedding dresses. My personal favourite has got to be the orange! What about you?

6. This article to help restore your faith in humanity and life at large.

7. And to all believers and non-believers of faith/religion/God, read this post.

Have a good weekend! 😀

P.S. Euro 2012 just got exciting with Portugal entering the semis. I hope they give a tough fight to either Spain/France! Make me proud, Ronaldo!

Friday links!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my favourites with all of you. I hope you were watching the space for this! #delusionalself

1. TED talk for the week: Listening to shame by Brené Brown.

Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.


If we are going to find out way back to each other, vulnerability is going to be that path.

Thank you Brené for this. This helped me make peace with vulnerability. Something, I’ve been struggling to come to terms with over these years. I’m the kind of person who gets involved very deeply when it concerns friendships or relationships. I have always valued them above all else cause I don’t subscribe to the notion of blood being thicker than water. I take long to warm up. But, when I do, I plunge in deep. I wish it is more of a leap of faith rather than a straight-up drowning which has often been the case (explains the fair bit of bitter endings). I began to wonder, contemplate what was it that was going wrong. Was it the different set of expectations we brought to the plate? Our priorities in life being different? Or did we just change and grow apart? As a result, I often accused myself (was accused by also) to be vulnerable. I was essentially the true embodiment of the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve”. Before I could come to terms with what that meant to me as an individual, I was conformed to believing that being explicit with my emotions ain’t a good thing. Vulnerability was a synonym to weakness in my dictionary. The dictionary I was forced to construct within. It made me feel ashamed for not being able to be strong enough, hold my guard in front of people (both new and old). So Brené, thank you once again. I need to meet more people like you.

Vulnerability is not weakness, and the uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure we face every day are not optional. Our only choice is a question of engagement. Our willingness to own and engage with our vulnerability determines the depth of our courage and the clarity of our purpose.

Read the speaker’s blog post here.

2. This post (Stepping up in style) seems like a very good DIY if you have stairs at home.

Another variation,

Image linked directly to source.

3. Amidst all my photography hunt and maddness, this article (Why I ditched my SLR) is worth a read. We are often misled to think that great photography is achieved only with the mightiest of cameras at hand. Photography is becoming such an affordable hobby to take up that every other person is armed with a DSLR these days. A tiny part of me dies each time I see a person fumbling with a DSLR cause I wonder they might have bought a camera tad’ bit too advanced just to keep up with the Joneses. Here I am, still months away (hopefully!) from achieving my DSLR dream.

The article made me reflect on 2 things. Photography and memories. We all (most of us, at least) take photographs to capture memories. Unravelling a photo from your past is like travelling down a passage in time. A bittersweet walk down memory lane. So, question is, are your best memories captured with the most powerful camera? With all technicalities in order? The right aperture, ISO setting, camera angle etc. It might be the case. But more often that not, that’s not the case. The best memories might sometimes be captured with an iphone camera or even a 2.0MP Nokia phone for that matter. What matters essentially is the memories that fill you when you look back on that photo rather than the works that when behind that pinhole before you shoot that matters.

So, amidst all the buzz about mighty DSLRs don’t forget the true essence of photography. Go dig out your favourite photo and rediscover what photography means to you.

And for those of you with DSLRs, this tutorial is worth giving go.

As for me, I’m not going let my lack of a mighty camera stop me from having fun when I capture memories. So, I’m going to be participating in June! Photo a day. #photoadayjune created by @fatmumslim

Since I missed taking a shot this morning, I’ll be starting with tomorrow’s, 2nd June. Go have some fun and share your photo via the above social media tools. You could drop a comment here as well! I’ll be happy to follow you back!

You can follow me at subathrad on twitter, instagram and pinterest!

Friday favourites!

1. This reminded me again why I love having a camera with me at all times. You just never know which moment you’d like to capture and look back on 10 years from now.

2. Current blog I’m loving, Simplistic living.

3. Post of the week: Those lovely scary feelings

4. Favourite TED talk I just watched and you should to;

5. Favourite Art Store: Society6

How pretty are their Iphone cases? If I ever switch from BB, you know why. I might just settle for some framed art prints, though I might need more walls in my room to actually hang all the pretty things I’ve accumulated over time.

6. Mantra for all readers/bloggers

7. Highly anticipating all the books that are on the way to reaching my hands.

1. The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

2. Where we belong by Emily Griffin

3. The lazy millionaire by Marc Fisher

4. Looking for Alaska by John Green

5. The Lost Girls by Amanda Pressner

I’m almost 3/4 way through Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. I can barely put it down despite starting the book just yesterday. Hopefully, my books arrive just in time to fix the bookworm in me.

I need either to get myself a Kindle or get a new cupboard for my books.

Happy friday, ya’ll.