Afterthoughts on life.

Disclaimer: This post was penned after watching About Time.

We go by life most of time living each day at a time. Looking forward to next week, or the month after at the very most. Everyday we experience a myriad of emotions. We end the day with thoughts ranging from “the best day of my life” to “I’m so glad the day is over.” And yet, if I were to ask you to pick out the last time such days happened, you will have some trouble recalling them.

Human emotions are such that it always works on the theory of relativity. When time actually travels by you, you fail to appreciate the value of the moment in time you are at. You experience another ‘happier’ day and suddenly the memory of your previous ‘happiest’ day doesn’t exist anymore. You keep escalating your hopes and having mental images (confetti, champagne, Paris) about the potentially happiest, soul-numbing day of your life that may or may not happen in this lifetime of yours. You keep telling yourself this deserved happiness is within reach that you forget to make the best out of this very moment. (Pardon the cliché)

So, my single thought for this moment is live for the now and for life at large, all at once. Because at the end of time, life is always, always, remembered and cherished by the single moments that go pass without even whispering anything to you.

All we can do is, do our best to relish this remarkably uninteresting (and boring) ride.


Is the grass really greener?

We often find ourselves envying the lives of people we both know and don’t know lead. Seated from our comfortable seats in front of our 32” flat screen LCD monitor, we wish we could trade lives with someone whom we very easily think is having a ‘better’ life. Be it in terms of having a blessed family, or a weekend full of crazy parties, or the one who gets to displace themselves physically every other week or month. In a nutshell, we think they’ve got it all and forget to consider the issues and struggles they have chosen note to share via the online medium. The wrong decisions they’ve made, the disappointments they’re trying to come to terms with and their sadness gets masked beneath their multitude of posts to share their beautiful and happy moments.

But, is the grass really greener on the side of the pasture or is it just our wants and desires that’s getting the better of us?

Remember that for every person who you envy and want to swap lives with, there will be at least one other person willing to be in your seat. So, cherish what you have got as cliche as it may sound, cause the grass may not always be greener on the other side.

Have you caught yourself in this position before?

Wishful thinking.

Do you wake up every morning hoping to have a clean slate to begin your day? That all mistakes, grudges, failures aren’t kept tabs on and judged. It’s like your count for the day begins with zero and not negative or even positive. So, the day is totally in your control to make or break. Your past has no bearing on your present. Negativity doesn’t hold you back from achieving what you want to do about the next 24 hours you have at hand. You truly live by the day taking one step at a time instead of being overwhelmed by the rest of the years ahead of you.

I do. I wish I had Alzheimer’s. The kind that forgets the bad stuff and retains only the good. Only the happy memories. Indeed, wishful thinking on my part.