Oh how I’ve missed you, friday lists.

1. I’m quite far away from turning 35, but, hey, it’s never too early right. Read this. (35 things I’ve learned in my 35 years) #11 really made me pause. But, I guess, it’s true. The time is/will never be right. But, when it happens, it will be perfect. So just wait for it.

2. How cool is this! (typewriter landscape)

3. Would you like to hand me your childhood photo, so we can go into the future? Here.

4. Another couple to congratulate!

5. Amidst, all the happy/fun moments worth celebrating, watch this! Poor guy!

6. “A mistake is an accident. Cheating and lying are not mistakes.” For more life lessons, read the full entry here.

7. It’s a pity I spend less time these days on Thought Catalog. But, this one is a worthwhile read.

8. I favourited this entry quite a while back. It’s especially important for me to share it here today cause sometimes all you need to take are baby steps.

9. There are never too many apps for photography, am I right? So, here.

10. Lastly, I’ve never been for/against gay marriages cause of different reasons mainly cause of the fact that an Asian country will never legalize a gay marriage. But, this couple, Lisa and Clay, made my Friday!

Have a good weekend people! And oh, just to rub it in your faces, I won’t be having Monday blues for quite a while! (go figure)


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