Title-less post.

My words are stuck in my throat. I have so much to tell, yet if I actually type them out it won’t be coherent. They will be a lot of questions with zero answers. Pessimism will run through the entire post despite me trying to hold on to the optimism of life ahead. Of the future you always paint about us. You know me better than I know myself at times. Sometimes, I like to take a backseat and see my world through someone else’s eyes. We are quick to judge and point fingers at someone else instead of looking within. Does the capacity to love also warrant the capacity to hurt? How do you love without hurting yourself and the other in the process?

I chanced upon this quote earlier.

Only by being hurt do we understand the true meaning of love and the experience of pain allows us to be braver and love stronger from within the depths of our heart.

Food for thought till we meet again.


6 thoughts on “Title-less post.

    • subathrad says:

      thank you for seeing the beauty in my words even when they are broken and don’t come out right. your comment means a lot to me. thank you once again!

  1. jensine says:

    I think when we love we always risk the hurt, either to us or to others, because we share so much we make ourselves vulnerable, so we have to trust that even with hurt the love is bigger and can heal what is opened

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